want not waste not

keeping stuff out of landfill 

Our 'want not waste not' initiative is in place to ensure everything we produce, and anything you buy from us is kept out of landfill. It's another little part of our commitment to be a circular, closed loop organisation.

end of use is our problem, not yours 

No more landfill

Even the shower curtains that are made from good materials (linen, hemp, organic cotton) can end up in landfill if the producer/maker isn't taking ownership for 'what happens next'. 

Toughened glass shower screens are not recyclable and are not designed or manufactured to be repaired, remanufactured or reused. So they all end up as aggregate or go to landfill.


We want to ensure this does not happen. And we want to raise awareness of these problematic products and what they are doing to the planet (and what the mould is doing to you).  

Responsible production

We believe each and every product that's made and sold, is the responsibility of the people who produced it and profited from it. It should be them who takes it back when it's no longer wanted or needed.

We cannot continue to allow mindless production and 'consumption' of wasteful resources. 

We need businesses to own their materials from start to 'finish' - without that finish point being a landfill site.


We need those materials to be good materials that don't harm people and planet. And we need products that are designed to be taken back and put into a closed loop cycle.

Conscious ownership

There's no point in having responsible people in business, taking ownership of their materials and products if customers and people who buy disregard those objectives.


We need people, our customers, to make better choices.


We need everyone to be aware of what they are buying, why they are buying it, who they are buying it from and what they will do with it when they no longer want or need it.

This is a collective effort. We all have a part to play.

how and when to use 'want not waste not' 

We would expect our products to last at least three years from purchase before you need to use 'want not waste not'. 

As a startup, we're learning and finding our feet with this. But we know wear and tear happens or you might like a change.

When you have reached the end of use or you need a replacement, we can arrange this for you. 

Follow the three steps below to use 'want not waste not'.

(until we can get barcodes and fancy processes).

good karma coming your way in three easy steps...

Drop us an email



We will reply with arrangements to take your product back.

And arrange a replacement if that's what you need.


You'll receive a voucher to spend with us or you can donate the value to one of our chosen charities.