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Mantras & Mindfulness

A range of mantras and motivational phrases to start each day feeling positive.

Personalise with your own mantra and print on the inside for a truly calming shower.

At the Undisturbed Unshop, we believe that products we need should be designed and made to last. That's why we're designing products for bathrooms that do exactly that.

Until we open the Unshop, we wanted to let you know what you can expect from the Undisturbed range and welcome you into our tiny bathroom of sustainability and total cuteness...

Dion - it's not a shower curtain and it's not a shower screen but it does the same job to protect your floors whilst showering. Unlike curtains and screens, it will dry between uses, eliminating nasty mould from your shower and bathtime. Oh joy.

Dion means protect in Scot's Gaelic. 

Curam - it's a shower curtain but not as you know it. There's a top secret element that we can't tell you about yet. But it means an end to soggy, wet and mouldy shower curtain bottoms. Yay. 

Curam means care in Scot's Gaelic.

Baile - a gem of a product for all the dedicated and wonderful zero wasters out there who have homeless shampoo and conditioner bars a plenty. 

Baile means home in Scot's Gaelic.

Tirim - we're putting an end to leaking water when you shower. It's so simple yet so effective. 

Tirim means dry in Scot's Gaelic.

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We are undisturbed. Escape to the bathroom and take some time out from social media. Experience the joy of missing out...the links don't work ;O)

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