welcome to the unshop 

It all starts with good design. We believe products should be designed and made to last. When you buy from the unshop, you're part of a community that wants to make a real difference.

We design for a better world.

So you can buy consciously for a better home and a better world too.

Introducing the poca - somewhere for your solid / naked bars to dry off 

 our 'want not, waste not' initiative 


The time has come to change or replace what you consciously bought from us.

Now it's time to consciously return it.


We hope this is at least five years from when you took ownership of your product - then we know we've designed and made well.

Perhaps it's reached the end of its first life cycle with you, perhaps you've changed your decor, or perhaps you've just changed your mind.

Whatever the reason, we're here to take it from you.


Even as a startup, we take full responsibility for what we produce.


We're committed to keeping each and every item we make and sell out of landfill.


We need your help to do that.


So for whatever reason you need to use the 'want not waste not' initiative, we are here for you.


All we need you to do is return the item to us and we'll deal with it responsibly.


When you return an item to us through 'want not waste not', it will be assessed for the most optimal next stage of its life.

That may be reusing,  remanufacturing, repairing, composting or, as a very last resort, recycling.

We are here to take care of it.


And we believe all producers should be doing the same.