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a little dignity for your naked bars 

We love naked bars. Whether it's shampoo, conditioner, shaving soap or any other yummy smelling slice of soapy bar goodness. But we're not so keen on them lying around in our shower. They look untidy, stick to surfaces and don't dry out properly. Until along came the Poca.

made from hemp fabric. Good for naked bars, good for you, good for the planet.  

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Good design

If necessity drives innovation, then the cute little Poca is innovative. We needed something to store our naked bars in and that's why we decided to make the Poca pouches.

We also had some hemp fabric that was sitting around doing nothing, and this is what we used to make the Poca pouches.


At the moment, we have made them in very small batches because we are only using 'waste' or surplus hemp fabric. The first ones we designed were really simple.


We've made some changes for our second batch and they now include five separate compartments to keep naked bars away from each other. This means they dry better and won't stick together. There's also a small piece of loofah in the base to add some structure and aid drying.

The Poca is also reversible so the compartments can either be on the inside or the outside. 

It's perfect for hanging in the shower, or grabbing and going - whether that's to the gym, a weekend break or your favourite yogi retreat.

Undisturbed poca pouch Refresh lifestyle.jpg
Good materials

Hemp is our fabric of choice. Industrial hemp is a super crop, sequestering carbon and rejuvenating the soil. Just what the planet needs (and us). 

Not only that but the hemp fabric we use would otherwise have gone to waste. It's the fabric we've used for test printing our designs during product development.

The cord and thread is organic cotton. The labels are printed in small batches so although they are satin, we only print what we need. 

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Doing good things

When you buy a Poca, a percentage of profits will go towards one of our 'better world' missions.


At the moment, we are donating profits from the sale of Poca pouches to three charities - for People we are supporting MIND, for Planet, we are supporting Marine Conservation Society and for Paws we are supporting the SSPCA.


Thank you for choosing to unshop with us. 

small batch, pre-orders 

As an independent sustainable Scottish startup, we only want to make what we need to. We will release a limited number of Undisturbed pieces available to 

pre-order for a limited time only. 

Each item will be handmade in Scotland by a small team of our independent makers. 

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