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Stor n Stad 

a storage and splashguard unit in one 

the undisturbed stor n stad unit has been designed to store all your showering products and stop water spilling onto your floor. this clever and beautiful unit is made from recycled plastic and provides hanging space for poca pouches, reusable razors, sponges and other showering items.

made from hemp fabric. Good for naked bars, good for you, good for the planet.  

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Good design

We designed the Stor n Stad unit because we felt that in-shower storage lacked space, functionality and beauty. 

The Undisturbed solution is all of these things and more. Stor n Stad is Scot's Gaelic for Store n Stop. It's a two in one product for keeping your shower products in one place, and it stops water escaping onto the floor.

Choose the hooks you need to store the stuff you have in the shower with you. Single hooks for your Poca pouch, sponges or puffs, or double hooks to store your reusable razor. 


If you place the unit at the same end of your shower, it will stop water escaping down the side of your bath,

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Good materials

Whilst hemp is our fabric of choice, recycled plastic is one of our solid materials.

We're sure you'll agree that the volume of plastic waste in the world is way out of hand. 

We want to help do something about it so we'll use that plastic waste as a resource and transform it into something beautiful for bathrooms.


Doing good things

We are a profit-for-purpose and we will donate a percentage of all of our profits to doing good things for people, planet and paws. 

We are advocates for self-love and self-care, and we want to help everyone achieve a positive state of mental health. 

We love the planet, nature, and biodiversity, so as well as designing and making with consideration for where we live, we will also give back too.


This goes for the living, breathing creatures we share the planet with too. We love animals and we'll do what we can there.


Even though we're just a startup, we've already made donations to MCS, MIND and the SSPCA from the sale of our Poca pouches.


As an independent sustainable Scottish startup, we only want to make what we need to. We will release a limited number of Undisturbed pieces available to 

pre-order for a limited time only. 

Each item will be handmade in Scotland by a small team of our independent makers. 

We'lll tell our mailing list first about our pre-order release dates, so please do enter your email below to stay up to date.