What's so bad about shower curtains and screens anyway?

We've gone a bit quiet on the blogging but we've still been beavering away with product development. So let's start up our blog again with a quick rundown of what's been happening and then I'll talk about our why.

In a nutshell - we've moved forward from messing about with a prototype to working with Strathclyde University DMEM students who produced an amazing prototype, to now having a fully operational prototype up in my own bathroom. Woohoo!

I'm guessing you'll probably be wondering what we're developing.

Well. We're now working on two products. We're producing sustainable, mould free alternatives to shower curtains and screens. Why? A few reasons.

You generally aren't a huge fan of shower curtains. And screens aren't perfect either...

You've told us you don't like shower curtains - they get mouldy, they cling to legs, they're not environmentally friendly. You like glass shower screens a bit better but they aren't without their issues either. Breakages, silicone, leaks, badly fitted and of course the mould.

Poor design or no design?

Shower curtains have been around since the early 1900's and have no design thinking behind them at all. Just a big piece of fabric that we put up beside the shower and wait for it to go mouldy.

Shower screens are also poorly designed. Rubber seals that go mouldy. Moving bits that cause water to escape. And some aren't wide enough.

Poor material choices

The majority of shower curtains on the market are made from plastic. Whether that's polyester, nylon, PVC or PEVA, it's all made from the same resource - fossil fuels. There are some natural fabric options like hemp, linen and cotton - however these will still go mouldy. Because of poor design. And once they're mouldy and grubby, they'll likely go to landfill.

Hemp shower curtain with mould

Shower screens are generally made from toughened glass and other mixed materials like rubber and metals. Toughened glass is energy, water and carbon intensive to make and isn't recyclable. So they either end up in landfill or will be broken down with construction waste.

What's the solution?

Good design and good material choices = better showers and better for the planet. And that's exactly what we're aiming for. We're starting the Undisturbed story by solving the problems you have with shower curtains and screens through clever design thinking. And we're doing our thinking with sustainability at the heart of our decisions.


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