Undisturbed Utopia

Breathing buildings, covered in trees
Image: Gabor Molnar

Calm mornings start our day

Everyday beginnings

Not just for Sundays

A mindful shower, a refreshing shower, a waking shower

We dress. Clothing for comfort

We gather in the atrium. 9am

We lie, we sit, we kneel, we stand

Our choice for comfort

We close our eyes

We meditate


We don’t work

We live

We participate

We give

We strive

We have purpose

In a building with a heart beat

Fauna filling the freshest of air

Indoors and out

Green carpets of leaves

Roofs covered in grass, plants and flowers

Bees dancing

As humans live, chatter, feel joy, feel worthy

Happily and healthily

Laughter and smiles fill the space

A space for sharing ideas

Innovation and future thinking

Whilst living in the now


We are Undisturbed

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