The day 1,000,000,000 became an insignificant number...

Say hi to Billy the Koala. He survived the fires but as we are seeing today - he’s one of the ‘lucky’ ones. (Visit 1300koalaz to read Billy’s story). As Australia continues to burn, I sit here in the comfort of my office in Glasgow, Scotland and consciously try not to moan about the rain outside.

Any human with an ounce of compassion will be devastated by the incomprehensible number of animals being burned alive by the bushfires. It’s heartbreaking.

And it’s amidst everything else that’s happening in the world. But, it would appear, is still not an important enough story for the U.K. press.

On the BBC website, they deem the banning of the fast fashion polluters Pretty Little Thing post by Molly Mae from Love Island as more worthy of a front page place than the loss of 1,000,000,000 animals in our lifetime. In fact, the decimation of 1,000,000,000 animals hasn’t yet made it onto the BBC website.

It’s no surprise that it doesn’t feature on the websites of any of the major UK press titles. Does no one in the media really care? Is the 1,000,000,000 figure, on this occasion, really not big enough to report on? It’s frustrating and upsetting. Perhaps the best way to deal with it is to imagine that the papers are run by robots. Not humans who live and breathe the same air as we do.

Us humans, as a race, are pretty vile. But we have to believe in good over evil. Otherwise, what would be the point? We have to believe that we can do better. For people, for planet.


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