Last week I wrote an article about the importance of finding a balance between work and socialising whilst being at home. I also talked about how solitude is something we need to embrace as a necessary part of our lives. It provides opportunity for deep self reflection and personal growth (hopefully).

When I was writing the article I was thinking about having a weekend of complete solitude over the Easter weekend. I was thinking about switching off my phone at 3pm on Good Friday and not switching it on again until 3pm on Monday. I was still undecided on Friday at 4pm but a few hours later I took the leap. Phone off and placed in the electricity cupboard in my hall, out of reach. I didn't switch it on again until 3pm on Easter Sunday. 43 hours of complete aloneness, cut off from the world. It was fantastic. Now, a weekend retreat at my home spa will be a regular feature in my life.

I started writing this poem and finished it this morning. Enjoy!

Switched off, locked away

Imposed, a choice

Immobile, tomorrow

Go anywhere

Awakened, not dreaming

A new day begins

Grounded but different

Peaceful and calm

Distraction free

The same door opens

The same four walls

But different

Melting away

Crumble and fray

A miracle

The power of you

Step into the room

And onto the beach

Is that a rug under my feet

Now sand in my toes

PJ’s and flip flops

Bikini and slippers

A sofa no more

Now a sunbed on the floor

Tele. Ported. Switched on.

To the anywhere you want to go to tube

To the White Isle

Please, let’s go YouTube

Instantly transported to

The café by the sea

Oh oh oh those blissful beats

mmmmmm those rolling waves

Bathing under the light

It’s 11 outside

In my heart, in my mind

It’s 27 inside

Lost in aloneness

Enveloped in the heat

A book, breathing

A weekend retreat

At home, Easter

Solitude, peace

Sitting with myself


The realms

Of imagination

A perfectly perfect 43 hours

Left feeling completely, complete