Our quest for an undisturbed world: the story so far

The decision to be a circular, sustainable startup from the beginning or deciding to go down that route, is the right choice if we are to achieve a better world. A world where the word 'waste' is confined to Room 101, where inequality is an embarrassing blip in our short history and where everything around us is balanced and harmonious. So of course that sort of decision means it's not the easy choice. It leads to more challenges, more obstacles to navigate and more bumps in the road.

We've been on the 'Undisturbed' journey for three years now. But for me, Jaxx, it's been a longer trek than that. I won't bore you by going that far back but this last year in particular, even in the midst of a global pandemic, the progress Leigh and I have made has been encouraging. And I think it's often very easy to forget that. So we're not going to. We're going to take this opportunity to celebrate the small wins we've had, and share them with you. Because our dream for an undisturbed world can't be done without the backing of anyone who believes in us.

At the end of April 2021 and we reached the end of this phase of the project that has been possible because of funding from Zero Waste Scotland. So where are we now?

Poca pouches

We had some fabric that we'd used to test print on. In the spirit of not being wasteful, we decided we needed to put the fabric to use. What could we do with it? At the same time, the solid/naked shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, massage bars and facial soaps were piling up in each of our bathrooms. So Leigh and I came up with our cute little Poca Pouches to store them in. Poca is Scot's Gaelic for bag and these adorable little pouches are perfect for storing these sustainable switches. The hemp fabric lets the bars dry off (no more soggy bottoms) and when you go away on that 'staycation', just grab and throw in your bag or suitcase.

We're organising a small photo shoot and they'll be on sale on the website soon with all proceeds going to charity - SSPCA, MCS and MIND.

Curam modular shower curtain

Next up, we took our Curam modular shower curtain from a first prototype through to final prototype for user testing. Curam is Scot's Gaelic for 'care'. And that's exactly what it does - for you, your bathroom and the planet. The Curam is made from beautiful luxurious, hemp fabric and has a unique, removable bottom section that we recommend removing after every use and hanging up to dry. The shape of the curtain is based on the 'Golden Ratio' or Fibonacci Sequence with a square at the top, and rectangle at the bottom. It's wider than normal shower screens but narrower than standard shower curtains.

Why have we done this? A few reasons that make perfect sense to our design and materials thinking:

  1. If people are happy with the width of a shower screen, why does a shower curtain need to be double, sometimes triple the size?

  2. The standard width of a shower curtain creates unnecessary gathers and folds that make it impossible for the fabric to dry - causing our good old friend, Mouldy McMouldface to grow.

  3. How far does the water from your shower realistically travel? Narrow shower screens often don't achieve the right protection from splashes, we think 120cm width is the perfect width.

  4. If there's more fabric, there's more waste.

  5. It leaves space on your shower curtain rod to hang up the bottom part and have the top part flat to allow both to dry.

Our product testers have the shower curtains and are testing them now for us. We're nervous but excited to get the feedback we need to make sure we make a product that's wanted as well as needed.

Stor n Stad storage unit and splashguard

A unique solution to storing your in-shower bits n bobs. Stor means store in Scot's Gaelic Stad means stop. It stores your stuff and stops the water from escaping onto your floor. We've produced one working prototype and we're now working towards manufacture.

Dion shower blind

The product that started it all and its proving to be the product that needs the most attention and care! Dion means protect in Scot's Gaelic and that's what the Dion shower blind does. It's taken us a lot longer than we had hoped to get to 'go to market' prototype stage but we're almost there. We just need to iron out a few more details. You can see a video of what's coming here

New website

We pushed the publish button on our fancy new website last week - hello, you're here! Have a look around and please do let us know what you think! Drop us an email hello@beundisturbed.co.uk or use the form

What's next?

We're awaiting feedback from our product testers on the modular shower curtains and that feedback will determine what the next steps are. We've already had some realisations and feedback so we know there are tweaks to be made. But we will be aiming to sell the Curam in the coming months.

Poca Pouches will be on sale in the not too distant future and all profits will be split equally between three charities - People - MIND; Planet - Marine Conservation Society and Nature - the SSPCA.

We will be developing the Stor n Stad unit for go to market prototypes - we need to find a suitable material and someone who can make them for us.

The Dion, is a work in progress but we are aiming to have go to market prototypes made for user testing this year and we will be experimenting with biomaterials from the Materiom site to make 'concept' style products.

As you can see, we do have products that will need to be tested, so if you are reading this and you would like to get involved, please email us (you will need to be in the UK to keep postage costs down).