Is ‘Black Friday’ the bad poster child for the sixth mass extinction?

Here it is again. Black Friday. Another Americanised bullshit marketing stunt that sucks people in to thinking they’re getting a ‘bargain’. I’ve spent the week unsubscribing from any business that sends me an email with a BF offer. I’m not interested. I’ll buy something when I need it. When I decide I want it. And not because your business needs to do something to improve it’s bottom line. Full disclosure Friday - the only business I’ve given grace to is The School of Life. Because they’re selling something that could make us all better humans.

‘Black Friday’ quite simply, punches sustainability in the face, knocking it off it’s well designed, well made, reusable and fully recyclable stool. Black Friday is the polar opposite end of any sustainable initiatives that a business might have. They cannot possibly live in harmony together.

Bathroom stool by Denny Müller, Unsplash

Any product based business that gets involved in Black Friday, does not give a toss about the planet. It’s not about giving you a bargain or making you feel good. Or making your Christmas more manageable financially. ‘Black Friday’ is nothing more than an attempt to improve profits and sell more stuff. I get that economically we need a system that encourages people to spend. But when the money that’s being spent is staying at the top of the tree and not filtering through to make people’s lives inherently 'better' (a standard of living that would put 'pound shops' and the like out of business), or isn’t contributing to solutions that could make the planet healthy and rebalanced quickly (!), why would we want to be part of that?

Green fern by Daniil Silantev, Unsplash

Any business leader who really gives a sh!t about sustainability and saving the planet would take a stand against this awful marketing activity. Any business leader who knows that their business can survive without gimmicks and mass market advertising stunts would avoid ‘Black Friday’ like the plague. Any business leader who is serious about contributing positively to people and planet would be flying the flag for Green Friday. And they would urge people to buy well, buy less and to think before they buy, “do I really need this”. Over consumption and over population is ultimately what is causing the sixth mass extinction. And Black Friday is the bad poster child.

Written by Jaxx, Founder Undisturbed

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