As it's Mental Health Awareness week - here's one of my poems, a reminder that we are all fragile. Something I think that has become more apparent during the last couple of months.

I've been supporting the Campaign Against Living Miserably for many years now - when I used to make and sell 'bathblinds' as additional income, I would donate to the charity. And when I moved to the South of England took the opportunity to get involved, attending events and volunteering.

Mental health is something that continues to be at the centre of our Undisturbed startup. We want to do our bit to encourage positive mind health, to use the bathroom as a space for calm, balance and peace. And we will support mental health charities as much as we can. The planet is important to us, but so too are the people who live here.

I fear for people's state of mind during and after the pandemic. I have no time for the media sensationalist language and reporting. I am more interested in maintaining a level of perspective and acceptance of what is.

Look after yourself. Be kind to you. Be the observer of your thoughts. Not just this week. Practice daily.

Raw, blood drains

Every time

A reminder

Returning to then

Sunday morning

The morning after

The night before

He was alone

At home

Why did he take it

Was it the only way

Out of the fog

Time stood still

Everything was nothing

Overflowing with emptiness

No answers

Never knowing


We sing sing sing

Travis traverses

My heart and my head

Taken to a place

I never wanted to be

Or wanted him to go

So many lives

Wasted by the confusion

We are all screwed

Inside our head

If we stay too long

Get out, escape

From the depths

Of a swim

Going round and round

In a normality

This is reality

We’re all drowning

In a fog

That will clear

It will lift

The spirit cleared

Wait it out

I can get through it

If we accept

We’re all the same


Inside be kind

Speak to my mind

Be nice to me

Stay conscious, Jaxx