Actions speak louder than you know what it's made from?

Have you ever listened to or seen posts on social media where a person claims they aren’t rude? Or that they’re thoughtful. Or they’re not the sort of person who would do x,y or z. But then they show you differently? Or you already know from their actions that their words don’t match?

Think about this in the context of products. What they are made of. The ingredients, materials, content, parts. When we see businesses declaring a product is ‘free’ of this or that, or ‘does not include’ or ‘new formula’ or ‘something has been removed’ we need to ask, what does it still have? What are the ingredients? What is it made from? Rather than what it's not.

There are a lot of businesses (mainly big businesses but they are not the only culprits) who do this. They make claims of ‘bad’ stuff being removed or good stuff being included but it doesn’t always tell the full picture. When we look beyond what something isn’t and look at what something is, we become more informed and can make better buying decisions.

As a sustainable startup we are committed to being totally transparent and honest. As we continue with our product development and making decisions on what materials, parts and any additions we might need to use in our products, we are continually investigating and researching on what works best for the product, for our future customers and for our planet. Any decision we make will be for a reason. And we will explain that all in our product descriptions.

We wanted our products to be perfect from the very beginning, but at this stage of our startup, there are elements of our products that we need to make some compromises with. What we will be offering are products that will be better than what is available, that will use materials that are planet safe and contribute to achieving less waste. They will be designed to last and, as the producers of the products, we will take full responsibility for what happens to them at the end of every use cycle.

We do the work and we will let you know the details. Because we’re nice like that. Or are we?

Yes we are...


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