A small, sustainable and oh sooooo cute bathroom…

What do Barbie, Action Man and the Circular Economy have in common? Probably not a lot when you think about it from the perspective of reuse, remanufacture, repair or even recycling. In fact, I’m now left wondering how many of the childhood superstars are lying in landfill now? Or are these toys trying to escape their fate, working together Toy Story style clambering through the mess with no end in sight?

Actually, when I asked the question it was because we have visions of Barbie, Ken or Action Man ‘taking a shower’ in our cute bathroom. Why the small bathroom? In the true spirit of the Circular Economy, we decided to experiment with small scale versions of the products we are designing. That way, not only do we use less materials and resources, we also save money! Win win!

What happens in the Undisturbed tiny bathroom…

The Undisturbed tiny bathroom is a 1:6 scale bathroom. We’re designing and producing small prototypes of our products. We’re using it as inspiration for new products so that we can offer a range of space saving solutions that solve the problems of lack of design, lack of sustainability and new ‘zero waste’ lifestyles. This means your bathroom will be less mouldy, more relaxing, tidier and more spacious.

And we’re making our small prototypes using the materials that we plan to use. Materials like hemp fabric, recycled plastic, bioplastics and 3D printed using sustainable filament.

In doing so we’re able to try out different options and designs at a fraction of the time and cost. We can see how things might look and operate in a small setting before producing a ‘normal’ sized version to be tested in a real bathroom environment.

So with all that, we’re off to save a Barbie, Ken and Action Man from going to landfill. And give them a home in our Undisturbed tiny bathroom.


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