Tidy bathrooms, tidy minds.

It's Mental Health Awareness Week so I thought I'd write a quick miniblog about using the bathroom as a place to escape to...which we all need to do at some point in the week, if not the day!

man meditating

The bathroom is the only place in our home where we can truly be alone if we want to be. To wind down, relax, chill and take some time out from the constant barrage of 'stuff' that's constantly going on around us. And inside our head. A bathroom is about more than the functional day to day stuff. It's the room that probably needs the most attention when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, so why wouldn't you balance this time with some 'do nothing' time. It's important we make it a space to spend quality time in. Declutter, add some natural touches, turn your bathroom into a 'spathroom', get out of your head and into your breath.

natural stones and flower

Even if, like me, you live on your own, there's still something nice about running a bath and closing the door to the world. The plop and fizz of a Lush bath bomb or the gentleness of your favourite essential oils. Creating soft lighting with some candles or the relaxing smell of burning incense. Your favourite blissed out tunes. Your phone on silent in the bedroom. Under the pillow. On the opposite side of the room. And perhaps to top it all off, hearing that wonderful glug, glug noise as you pour your favourite glass of red, white, pink or bubbles. This is time for you. For the girls and the guys.

Set yourself some time to be undisturbed this weekend.

Enjoy x

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