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Do you ever wonder where to start with making better choices with the things you need? When I began to make the switch to plastic free choices in the home, the natural place to begin was the bathroom. So much plastic everywhere. And I'm a less is more kinda person.

Every year my mum buys me a big box of household 'stuff' for my Ne'er Day. It's a wee tradition but I'm going to have to have a conversation about little changes - which will save her money too! However as I wind down the items that were gifted to me, it gives me the opportunity to gradually change over to more sustainable alternatives.

So far, I've decided to shop for more of my essentials from Lush - I'm loving their naked ranges. Switched to plastic free monthlies supplies, although they'll be going soon as I make the switch to a Mooncup. And of course, the first thing I did, was buy a bamboo toothbrush. Method and Bio-D cleaning products are also now present.

As I'd finished the tubes of toothpaste from my mum's box, it was time to place my first order with Georganics - manufacturers of natural, sustainable and ethical oral care. They believe it's not necessary to use harsh chemicals to maintain healthy teeth and gums. And they are also committed to plastic free packaging, including how it's delivered. Tick! (Apologies for the amateur photos...!)

Georganics toothpaste

I ordered the Spearmint Natural Toothpaste - "blended with Spearmint Leaf Essential Oil, steam distilled and certified organic. This toothpaste's properties are very similar to that of Peppermint Oil. It is a strong antiseptic, eliminating germs and promoting healing. The fluoride free and SLS free formulation is an ideal replacement to commercial whitening toothpastes." It comes with a bamboo spatula for scooping out your pea sized amount, which is all you need. It feels different. And it tastes different. I guess, because it is different. I read that toothpaste underwent a lot of research when it was first introduced and the foaming and minty tingle was added because people weren't brushing their teeth. It was the fresh taste and feeling that became the habit. So I feel that this toothpaste takes it back to basics. It does the job but I'm not going to lie, it is going to take a bit of getting used to. Something mintier, and fresher would be welcomed. I might look at the mouthwash or mouthwash tablets to help with that.

Georganics floss

The floss was also in my order, Minty Charcoal and comes in a lovely glass jar with a handy cutter on the lid. "Our natural dental charcoal floss is made with bamboo charcoal, beeswax and peppermint essential oil. This 30 metres floss clew is packed in a zero-waste and plastic free glass container; the metal dispensing lid easily allows you to cut the floss." Not much to say, other than it does feel nicer than flossing with a plastic ribbon!

Georganics bamboo toothbrush

Last but not least, to take my order up to £15 so that I could get free delivery, I popped another bamboo toothbrush in my cart as it is time to change. "This toothbrush's handle, made from 100% biodegradable bamboo, provides a naturally non-slip surface. The white medium bristles are made from BPA-free." Nothing much to say on this - it's a toothbrush.

Very pleased with my Georganics order and even more pleased that I have eliminated more plastic from my bathroom. And my landfill bin.

Happy switching x

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