The road to a conscious bathroom...Part II- didn't stay in the bathroom for long!

Since waking up to the need to be less wasteful and more resourceful and conscious, I have already made several changes. Subscribed to, committing to switch to eco friendly products in the bathroom when the existing products run out. I've also moved into the kitchen and switched to using an e-cloth and Ecover washing powder, with much more work to do there too.

It was, of course, impossible to only be conscious in the bathroom. And whilst this room was a starting point, I'm now also becoming more conscious about everything I buy. This week I decided to pay close attention to my supermarket basket. And I wanted to share a few thoughts in this blog, none of which are groundbreaking or new but new to me.

Choosing packaging consciously

There is a big discrepancy in the way retailers communicate recycling on their packaging. The OPRL (On Pack Recyling Label) symbols are becoming more common however the system is still not full proof. Inconcistencies between local councils around the UK, means that some packaging can be recycled in some places but not in others. So when you see the symbol 'check with local recycling' it then puts the onus back on the consumer to check this.

on pack recycling labels

When it comes to plastic (which is generally when this symbol appears), there are a variety of plastics out there. Some of which can be recycled, others not. However there is also a useful numbering system for plastics, and you can check the plastic tray or whatever it is, to see this. The problem is that it is not then translated or utilised by local councils (at least not in Scotland...!) Perhaps this is the nest step in this mammoth task?

The 'Green Dot' symbol

This is something I've never really paid much attention to but on learning about it, find it quite frustrating that this silly little symbol is allowed to be used. It's generally next to the waste rubbish symbol and has been complained about for many years, yet businesses are still allowed to use it.

It is not a recycling symbol. And is actually only on there to tell people that the business selling the product and making money from the sale, is making a financial contribution to recycling projects. But the packaging itself is not recyclable. Baffling.

So this conscious consumer business isn't an easy road but it's an interesting one. And I'm learning and discovering more every day. And not only will my general waste bin reduce in size, my waistline also should too as crisps and junk food are all out until I find products that are contained within recyclable packaging.

Jaxx x

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