The road to a conscious bathroom... Part 1: Monthlies

Have you ever thought that you're late to join the party? Without sounding hippy dippy, the last six months have been a bit on an awakening for me. I've had to do some thinking about what starting a business means to me and what I really wanted to achieve.

One element was the realisation that I had to switch to producing a product that was going to help the environment, not ruin it. It was a realisation that has led me to read up and find out more about what I can do, not only from a business perspective, but as an individual to do more than just recycle or upcycle.

Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean

On Saturday I took part in the Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean at (on?) Ardrossan South Beach. And time for more learning. Nurdles. Balloons on string. Cotton bud plastic. A very visual wake up call that when we throw something away - it has to go somewhere. And that somewhere, if not recycled, repurposed or reused is our oceans or landfill. I am even more interested to hear what Sir David Attenborough will have to say on the scourge of our oceans in Blue Planet II. Although, according to the Guardian Sir David says, “There are solutions, and there is cause for hope, and there’s cause for encouragement, and it isn’t all disasters.”

I know none of this stuff is new and I consider myself an intelligent human, yet I've only just woken up to the fact that I could be doing so much more to help save the planet. And, of course, I'm going to start in the bathroom. I have my hemp fabric shower blind hanging up looking fabulous. I've long been a user of the delightful Ocean Salt Scrub from Lush which I replaced on Saturday and have a goal that it will last until Christmas (well it isn't cheap at £15.95 a tub!). This will be the fourth tub and my third or fourth round of collecting tubs to dutifully return them to Lush. Then I get to claim my free face mask, helping Lush recycle and reuse.

So what's next? Tampons. Sorry to any gents reading this but you could tell any females you might know. It's the next thing on the eco friendly choice list. This morning I googled eco friendly tampons and thankfully found the Natracare brand and the subscription site where I have signed up to a box delivered to me every 28 days - how convenient! There's tons of information about Natracare on their website and on and how amazing they are. Organic, plastic free and animal friendly are just three examples!

Natracare infographic about effects of tampons on environment

So that's a few things ticked off the checklist - hemp shower blind, facial scrub and tampons. What's left? Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shower gels/soaps, cleaning products, sponge, candles, hand wash, the list goes on. It's not all going to happen overnight. As soon as the stuff I have runs out, I will switch to eco friendly and make sure the old stuff is recycled of course...

Jaxx x

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