I'm appealing for your old shower curtains

What do you do with your old shower curtains? I've asked this question in my last blog post. And I'm trying to figure out a way to divert these household items from ending up in landfill. This is what the R&R initiative is about.

I've been trawling the interweb trying to find a figure for the number of shower curtains that end up in landfill. To no avail. Which is perhaps even more frightening as it seems to be an item that is being overlooked. I Googled, "average lifespan of shower curtains" and was astonished to find that one blog gave as little as 3 months! With the majority stating up to 12 months. If even just a quarter of the UK population changed their shower curtain every year, throwing that old one away, that could be 16 million shower curtains going to landfill. Every year.

Whilst trying to establish a means of diverting these items to be recycled or reused, I thought I would try making some shower blinds from old, unwanted shower curtains.

If I make a shower blind with an old shower curtain, with no seams and it's allowed to dry straight, it could provide a superior, more long lasting option to shower curtains. And could provide the business with another closed loop, circular design approach.

So how can you help? I need to get my hands on at least ten old shower curtains. Do you have one that you're changing? Or do you know someone who might be thinking about changing theirs?


to return your unwanted shower curtain and be part of the pilot!

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