What do you do with your old shower curtains?

Recycle? Reuse? Repurpose? Bin? I'd hazard a guess it might be the latter. I hold my hands up, I know I hadn't given it much thought. When I used to have shower curtains in my bathroom, I would just throw them in the bin when they were done with. How many I've thrown away is unknown but I'd suggest one a year or maybe even more. That's a lot of fabric ending up in landfill.

When you Google, "what to do with old plastic shower curtains", the results are largely centred around recycling or reusing them as a car boot liner or to protect surfaces that kids might use to draw on. All great ideas, but how many of us would really do this? Especially if the offending article is mouldy or covered in mildew? Are we really going to take the time to fashion something new from something we can easily just put in the bin? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are swathes of old shower curtains being reincarnated as cabinet or drawer liners as is the first of 18 suggestions in this lovely blog http://www.chasinggreen.org/article/18-ways-re-use-old-shower-curtains/

And no retailers are telling us what to do with them either once they've seen better days.

So I've started working on putting something in place that will help prevent old plastic and even polyester shower curtains from ending up in landfill. Stay tuned! The Senspasce R&R initiative is coming....

Jaxx x

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