Take a shower. Make a difference. Part 2... A different kind of shower protection

What were you doing this time last year? For me, it was when I decided to move back to Scotland and try to turn my hobby into a proper business. However, if you've read my blog post from a month ago, you will know that it wasn't long before I was feeling a bit jaded. The motivation had gone and I had to think about why. Or throw in the towel - which didn't seem like an option as I hadn't given it a proper chance.

It wasn't long before I realised the reason I wasn't feeling it because of something that was apparent to me years before. I just needed to take the time to focus on it. And that's why the penny dropped.

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I'd always thought about and even researched how I could make my shower blinds more eco friendly. And now that I was trying to grow the business, this was something that I had to do. It was time to finally make my product as nice for the environment as I could.

Hemp fabric was the obvious and clear choice but it would come with some challenges. How can I continue to make my shower blinds with a seam free hem when the fabric frays at the edges? How can I attach the fabric to the roller tube so that customers can remove it easily to wash or change it? And once I'd started trying to source the hemp fabric, why can't I get this beautiful fabric here in Scotland?! How frustrating - but again that's another story!

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On the 22nd September, I measured, cut and made the world's first ever hemp fabric shower blind. It's hanging beautifully and working well. But still needs a bit of tweaking.

Hemp fabric is waterproof, naturally mould and mildew resistant (and as it's a shower blind, the fabric doesn't gather), it's strong and it's biodegradable. What's not to like? I've fallen in love with it.

Senspasce shower blinds are not only different to shower curtains or screens - they disappear when dry and not in use - as they are made from hemp fabric, they're also making a difference to the world in which we live. Alongside hemp shower curtains, we can turn our shower into an opportunity to make a difference.

Jaxx x

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