What happens when you cross the most eco friendly fabric in the world with a blind and a shower curt

You get the world's first ever hemp fabric shower blind. Ready to change bathrooms, change showers and change the world! Well you've got to think big haven't you?

But that's exactly what I hope to do.

picture of hemp fabric on bathroom floor tiles

The new hemp shower blind is up and being used in my own bathroom. And it looks and feels wonderful. Even though it's still a work in progress, this beautiful, eco friendly fabric is proving to be so functional yet beautiful to look at.

I'm aiming to keep the hems seam free so that the water has nowhere to collect. This keeps the fabric flat to allow it to dry more evenly with no doubling over of fabric at the edges. To do this I'll be using scalloped edged pinking shears to stop the fabric fraying but giving a nice natural, wavy edge. This is the next step and I'm excited to share a photo.

Hook and loop fastening will be positioned at the top of the fabric to secure easily to the roller blind tube. This will make it easy to remove for washing or when a change is wanted.

Why a hemp shower blind?

It winds down to protect whilst showering but once dry it disappears back up to the ceiling, out of sight and out of mind.

The fabric hangs down straight which means it will dry evenly and flat - keeping the fabric looking better for longer.

Hemp fabric is naturally mould and mildew resistant - with the above helping this too.

And of course, with a Senspasce shower blind - we're doing things differently and turning the everyday shower into an opportunity to make a difference... more on that in the next blog.

Jaxx x

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