Does your home help your health and wellbeing?

How often do you get sucked into the world wide web of information? Find yourself being relentlessly moved from one website to another. Clicking and flicking from page to page, website to website, discovering more and more about a topic that you perhaps didn’t even set out to discover!

That’s kind of what happened to me this week. However, the path I embarked upon was one that led me to find a very interesting report on the importance of our health and wellbeing in relation to the buildings we use. And what I am particularly interested in is how this relates to our homes.

The initiative is called MULTI COMFORT by Saint-Gobain and is ‘a platform to share ideas on how to improve our comfort, health and wellbeing through a better built environment.’

Fancy house

The part of the site that I’m drawn to is the link between well designed homes and improved health and wellbeing. Why? Because I know that homes are getting smaller and there are initiatives in place to help improve this. Bathrooms in particular are taking the hit and losing out on vital space. The average size of a bathroom in the UK is approx. 2.4m x 1.8 (8x6 ft).

In terms of our health and wellbeing, this isn’t ideal, I’m sure you’ll agree. Bathrooms are so often described as a room in our home that we can escape to. And it’s true. It’s the only room that has a lock on the door and can provide families or those who share, with real privacy.

Yet bathrooms need to offer functionality. They need to be cleaned and kept tidy and free from dirt and grime. And this is a task that takes up valuable time, week in week out, if not more frequently. According to a previous MINTEL report 33% of people consider cleaning the bathroom as their least enjoyed task. I regularly hear people comment on how dirty their shower screen is, having to spend hours trying to remove and deal with the unwanted yet inevitable presence of mould and mildew. And shower curtains must also be tended to – either by removing and washing or by replacing all together.

I want people to spend less time cleaning their bathroom and more time relaxing in it. I want to help people gain a bathroom that’s better for their health and wellbeing. A space to escape, unwind and chill. And this is why we want to encourage everyone to transform their #smallbathroom to a #spathroom easily - making time for their own health and wellbeing at home. Every week, if not more.

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