Do you allow your mind to wind down?

Are you a daydreamer? Do your thoughts often take over your head space? Do you meditate? Or just take some time out to think about nothing?

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Our mind can either be our friend or our foe. It can create drama where there is none. A positive or negative future when we have no idea what it will be. And it will most definitely not be as bad as many might think. Our mind can also create amazing goals. Dreams. And ambitions.

Your mind is so powerful that when it goes into negative thought patterns it can get so caught up in them that it's difficult to get out of.

Mental health is an integral part of our make up. We need to stop referring to it as having a stigma. It doesn't. Cancer used to be referred to as the big C. Now we talk quite openly about it. As heartbreaking a subject as it is. It happens. And by researching and finding cures, we're becoming more positive about cancer survival. Perhaps we need to do the same for our minds, And our sanity. It's real. Not imagined. We need more research to be published, understood and known so that people can become educated and aware.

We're all human. We all have problems, issues, experiences from the past and we all - each and every one of us - need to find ways to cope with the many messages and thoughts that fly through our heads every day.

Instead of making time to isolate yourself or be alone to 'meditate' or practice mindfulness techniques, we want to encourage everyone to use the daily routine of taking a shower to wind down thoughts. Everyday when you step into the shower, use this time on your own to just be in the shower. To think about nothing to do with the day ahead. To not think about what you need to do that evening. To not think about shopping lists or what's for dinner, or what's happening at the weekend, or paying that bill you keep forgetting about.

Woman in shower

Use your time in the shower as a real opportunity to just 'be'. To listen to the water, to smell the soap, to feeling the warmth and allowing any thoughts to be washed away.

Wind down when you shower.

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