Wind down in the shower

Do you rush around in the morning? Do you have a quick shower? Or do you start your day feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead?

Enjoy today Senspasce shower blinds

Your shower in the morning is your time to be alone. To wake up and focus on nothing more than being in the shower. No worrying about what the rest of the day holds. And no thoughts about what could or might happen. Chances are it won't.

Our shower time is our time to declutter our minds from any negativity. Something I've learned to do after going through a bit of a dark period in my life last year. It can be a tough to do. The brain is a muscle that needs to be trained to be calm and collected. We all owe it to ourselves to ignore worry, stress and strain. If we do this daily, we stand more of a chance that negativity will pass or, even better, disappear from our thought process.

Start your day with a clear head. And a gentle reminder to yourself to enjoy the day for what it is.


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