Missing: shower screen seal

Do you have have a shower screen that's easy to clean? That isn't forming mildew? Or has sealant that's in the same condition as when it was first installed?

Although a shower screen might seem like a good option when you're decorating your new bathroom or upgrading/renovating, remember that it will most likely succumb to mildew. The rubber seal along the bottom the glass and on the silicone at the wall are the two most common places.

I pictured this one at the weekend whilst staying in Edinburgh. It's obviously been so bad that the rubber has been removed from the edge. This then caused the screen to permanently swing inwards whilst I was showering as there was nothing to grab the top of the bath. My space was invaded, it wasn't a relaxing shower experience and wasn't what I needed after a night out!

You can also see the mildew forming at the base of the post against the wall. This damp place is perfect breeding ground for these unsightly and unhygienic spores.

Shower screens are not an ideal solution for small bathrooms that are being used daily. They need to be cleaned throughly and regularly. And it won't be long before you're searching for 'replace rubber seal' or 'how to clean shower screens' to remove the water marks, limescale or soapy build up.

Whilst this bathroom photo isn't #mysmallbathroom it is a perfect example of the problems that occur with shower screens.

Share your small bathroom problems, tag us and use #mysmallbathroom and hopefully we can find a solution.


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