Totally Seamless...

Last week I received the third Design Registration Certificate which protects another element of bathblind.

Mould and mildew on your curtain or screen is unsightly and unhygienic. And unwanted! How much time do you spend cleaning or trying to make sure that your bathroom is free from this most annoying of nuisances. It's time that could be much better spent doing other things. More time in the shower, More time in the bath. Or more time to do whatever you feel like!

bathblind design registration certificate

bathblind has always been made without a seam. The heavier material doesn't require it. And the unique way that bottom bars are fitted means that if you choose a rigid hem, you still have a seam free design to your bathblind.

No seam means no water gathers. And no water gathering means no mould or mildew.

This totally unique design not only looks lovely and smooth, it also provides a very real purpose and advantage. No more cleaning everyday. And as bathblind rolls up and out of sight when not being used, you really don't need to worry about cleaning it daily as out of sight, out of mind.

Not only are you going to create more room in your bathroom, you're giving yourself the gift of time and saving yourself money on limescale removers and other cleaning materials. And also on not having to buy endless replacement shower curtains.

bathblind is totally seamless and the intelligent third choice for shower protection.


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