A century later and we're still tolerating shower curtains

The history of the shower curtain. It looks like these large swathes of fabric have been hanging around bathrooms since the early 1900's. The functional aspect has not changed. The designs and fabrics have. Thousands of patterns, colours, images, photos and so many options to choose from. But no matter how pleased you are with your new shower curtain, it still hangs there. It still invades your space when you shower. It still collects mould and mildew. It still creates a barrier, removing space and light from your bathroom.

old whistling kettle

No other household item can take such an accolade. Something you need to have to protect your bathroom floor. But it's not something you particularly like or want. Is it?

Maybe it is. Perhaps you love your shower curtain. You're retro. You're traditional. You're vintage. You still shop for Soda Stream gas cylinders. Your kettle whistles when it's boiled. You can't part with your peach coloured bathroom suite... That's fine. I wish you well as you continue your relationship with so many different curtains in the years to come. And I'm sure there will be plenty.

Or maybe it isn't. And maybe that's why you've found this blog post. You're modern. You're right here in 2017 reading this blog, drinking your 'closed loop' cocktail, taking a break from flicking through this month's Elle Decor, looking for design inspiration and wondering what you can do to create more space in your small apartment.

And thank goodness you did put down Elle Decor. To stumble upon this article. You can create that much needed space and contemporary modern look in your oh so stylish, 21st century bathroom. You can't wait to finally take down the shower rod and throw out the curtain rings along with the last shower curtain you'll ever buy. Or maybe you'll give them to your retro friend. She'll love it...


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