Make your small bathroom look bigger

When your bathroom is small but perfectly formed, you need to use tricks to ensure you make the most of every inch available.

This photograph looks stunning however, with no shower screen or curtain actually using the bathroom wouldn't be ideal. Water everywhere. Soap everywhere. Constantly cleaning up.

But to keep that space looking as beautiful and open as it does, in spite of the size, adding a curtain would rob this. And a glass screen slotted in over the bath might look a bit better, however it would still be a constant barrier, and if accidentally hit off the sink? Broken shower screen.

And we all know that neither are ideal for mould and mildew gathering.

A bathblind concealed on the ceiling would add the much needed shower protection but only as and when required. When showering. The material rolls down into the bath, just like a shower curtain and then once dry, rolls back up out of sight to the ceiling.

Fully customisable, you can also choose your own designs or images to add onto your shower blind.

When your bathroom is small. When you want to give yourself some space in and out the shower, upgrade with bathblind.


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