Don't feel cornered in by a curtain or screen...

corner bath in beautiful bathroom

Corner baths look luxurious and classic. They fit into bathrooms where a standard bath might not fit. And when space is at a premium, you might need to locate your shower above your corner bath.

But how then do you protect your bathroom when showering? You might not like the idea of a curtain permanently on display. And a screen simply isn't an option.

A bathblind installed over the front of the bath, allowing the material to roll down and tuck inside the bath, will do just that. You don't need to worry about water going everywhere. And you don't need to settle for a curtain.

With a range of fabrics and the option to have your own design printed onto your bathblind, you can match to your decor.

If you have a corner bath with a shower over or you're thinking about this option, bathblind could be the solution you need.

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