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Ok I get it, it's not a hashtag that's going to catch on. But the words mean more than a flippant hashtag. If you're reading this blog you're probably one of the lucky ones, here in the first world, to have a nice home. With nice things. And daily access to the latest and tastiest interior design ideas for your home. Including articles and blogs dedicated to space saving.

It's no secret that we're now living in the smallest homes in Western Europe. And bathrooms seem to be the one room in the home that suffers most when compromising on space. You might be in a new build . Or a studio flat in London. Or perhaps you're in a funky apartment in Manhattan. Possibly a beautiful tenement in Glasgow or Edinburgh with stunning big ceilings. But the bathroom's long and thin. No matter you're living space, you've got a small bathroom problem. And you're trying to find ways to solve it.

Our bathrooms should provide us with a haven to escape to. A retreat to be in our own space - the only room (unless you're in a shared property) that has a lock on the door. The one room that you can take some time out from the daily grind to relax in a hot bubble bath or stand (or sit!) under a warming, calming shower.

I've been searching the internet, asking my customers and listening to everyone I speak to about their small bathroom problems. And I can't help but notice that there are quite a few. Many of which, I know I can help with.

Each week I'll be sharing and solving a #mysmallbathroom problem that I've either found on the internet, or have been told about first hand. If anyone has the same problem or knows the person who originally posted the problem online (I'll share user names), please get in touch with me for the chance to receive a complimentary Senspasce shower blind. Join us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Let's create more space in your small bathroom. You deserve it.


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