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We're getting ready for our first ever Kickstarter campaign!

We've made so much progress in the last three years and our Kickstarter campaign is the next step to bring our beautiful, thoughtfully designed products to your bathroom.

We'd love you to join us, as we begin to realise our dream for an Undisturbed world.

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We're Jaxx and Leigh, a Scottish based female-led, profit-for-purpose startup.

We're challenging the traditional shower products that aren't fit-for-purpose.


Whether that's leaks, mould, mildew, not enough space for your things, wasteful, design flaws, bad materials or poor design, we aim to fix it all. 


Your bathroom is one of, if not the only, space in your home where you can be alone,and take some time to yourself. Yet it's also the most functional room in your home.


We make products that are kind for you, your home, your mind, and the planet.

If your bathroom is in need of a clean and tidy up, and your mind could be doing with the same, we're sure you will love what we have for you.

We have two products that are ready to go, one that needs just a small tweak, and a fourth that we have a little more to do.

All of them are available on the Kickstarter campaign. 

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