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Here you will find some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question of your own, please do get in touch
How does a Senspasce shower blind work? 
Senspasce shower blinds are cleverly installed onto the ceiling using two brackets, secured with screws.  Making use of ceiling space means a Senspasce shower blind is perfect for small bathrooms. For those who can't physically fit a shower curtain or screen, or for anyone wishing to opt for shower protection that disappears when not in use. Once the two brackets are installed at the correct width apart, the roller blind tube slots easily onto them.
How does it protect by bathroom when I'm showering?
Use the sidewinder chain to wind down the beautiful ecofriendly hemp fabric. The flexible hem, allows the fabric to fall inside the bath and take the shape of the curves protecting your floors and beautiful bathroom fittings.
How do I clean it?
The lovely feature of Senspasce shower blinds is that they disappear once dry and not in use. So really, you don't have to worry about cleaning it as often as you would a shower curtain or screen. And as they are made from hemp with a seamless hem, mildew and mould  shouldn't grow. This leaves your bathroom cleaner and tidier when compared to a shower curtain or screen. When you do need to clean your Senspasce shower blind, you can remove the fabric which is attached using a unique hook and loop system and pop it in the washing machine on a low temperature. Hang it back up to dry on the roller blind tube in your bathroom or pop outside in the fresh air.
Where are they made?
In Scotland. Individually made to order.
What are they made from?
Wonderful hemp canvas fabric which hangs straight as it is a shower blind and not a curtain. Naturally mildew resistant, strong yet beautiful, waterproof and quick drying. 
If I would like to change the design or look of my bathroom, can I change my Senspasce shower blind easily?
Yes you can! Senspasce shower blind fabric is attached to the tube using a unique hook and loop system. This is so that it will make it easy for you to remove the fabric and replace it. Perfect for cleaning or when you need a change. 
Senspasce shower blinds are mould and mildew free, how can that be? 
The hemp fabric we use is 100% waterproof and seam free. Water runs right off the bottom and does not collect in the material. So no more mould or mildew next to you when you shower or in your bathroom when you're not!
Can I wind the material up and out the way as soon as I come out the shower?
We would absolutely recommend that you leave your Senspasce shower blind down to dry first. The time to dry will very much depend on the ventilation and air circulating around your bathroom, but a few of hours maximum is all that should be needed. You can wind your hemp fabric up slightly so that it hangs straight to dry without curving around the bath.
What is mindful showering?
Mindful showering is a phrase we have coined as a way to incorporate mindfulness practice into an everyday activity. We firmly believe that we all owe it to ourselves to escape modern life. Social media, advertising, long hours and not having enough time in the day, means we really ought to try to fit in meditation or mindfulness somewhere that we can without having to set aside time. Although 10 or 20 minutes of time out per day to sit and do nothing or think nothing is encouraged! Focus on the water, the sounds, the smells, your skin when you shower and think about nothing else other than being in the shower. That is mindful showering. 
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