Easy Installation

Senspasce Shower Blinds make clever use of space, especially in small and awkward bathrooms. Fitted to the ceiling, not to the walls, you can install pretty much anywhere you need to. To protect your bathroom whilst showering and create more space when you're not. 

Everything you need for an easy 3 step installation. 


Your Senspasce Shower Blind is made to order with everything ready to go when you take delivery. At time of ordering, you specify which side you would like the chain to be positioned and we do this for you. 


All that's left to do is to secure the two white luxury metal brackets onto the ceiling using two screws for each. As wth any wall fittings, please ensure you use appropriate screws and any other necessary fixtures. 

10mm gap

Two screws

Step 1 - If your Senspasce Shower Blind is being installed next to a wall, leave a 10mm gap between the wall and the bracket. Position the first bracket above the inner edge of your bath, or where the material needs to fall down to create the barrier. Prepare the surface to be installed into and then fit the first luxury bracket using the two screws. 

Two screws

Step 2 - Measure width required between the first and second bracket. Use a measuring tape or use your Senspasce Shower Blind tube and hold the second bracket in place. Once you have marked the position, secure the second luxury bracket in place with two screws. 

Safety clips at the top front (left hand chain position) 

Step 3 - Clip your Senspasce Shower Blind into the brackets.

To comply with safety standards, there are two safety cord clips on every Senspasce Shower Blind. 


When rolled up to the ceiling, the top safety cord clip should also be close to the ceiling, allowing you to roll the material back down again. If the chain is on the left - the safety clips will be at the front when wound up to the top. If the chain is on the right, the clips will be at the back when rolled up to the top.