The modular shower curtain that makes a difference 

We've taken the humble shower curtain and given it the Undisturbed design treatment. We've solved the problems you have with shower curtains like mould, curtain cling, and waste. And we've done it the only way we know how to - thoughtfully and with consideration for the planet.

designed better.
for showers, for you, for the world 

Good design

In a truly circular world, everything starts with good design. 

We've taken the shower curtain and sprinkled it with some Undisturbed design magic. 

We've thought about all of the problems people have with their shower curtain - mould, curtain cling, waste, and we've applied good design to solve each of those problems. 

How did we solve a problem like mould? We eliminated the root cause of mould by adding a unique modular feature that allows the fabric to dry between uses. 

Curtain cling? By using a beautiful hemp fabric, it stops the shower curtain from wafting around in the mix of cool and warm air.

Waste? One of our primary objectives is to design out waste. So this comes naturally to us. We use less fabric than a standard shower curtain, and we have a takeback scheme in place. We also use leftover fabric to make our Poca pouches. 

Good materials

There are many materials used to make shower curtains. From the worst like polyester or nylon, to ones that claim to be sustainable like PEVA (it's still plastic), through to the better choices like organic cotton or linen.

We've chosen hemp fabric as industrial hemp crops are a super crop. They sequester carbon, regenerate precious soil, and hemp crops are so robust they don't need harmful pesticides. 

Hemp fabric is similar to linen. It's a gorgeous woven fabric that's naturally mould resistant and soaks up water like a sponge. It is breathable and hangs beautifully.


We have a longer-term goal to be weaving our own hemp fabric from 'field to fibre'. This goal would put us in control of our supply chain and help us create purposeful work in our utopian Undisurbed world. 

Doing good things

When you step into a shower beside a Curam shower curtain, you are surrounded by compassion. 


A percentage of profits will go towards one of our 'better world' missions.


Three billion people don't even have access to clean water or soap. We think that's awful. Hygiene is a basic human right. 

We want to do our bit to change that by bringing clean showers to all.

So when you choose a Curam shower curtain, you become part of the solution and help design a better world with us.

small batch, pre-orders 

As an independent sustainable Scottish startup, we only want to make what we need to. We will release a limited number of Undisturbed pieces available to 

pre-order for a limited time only. 

Each item will be handmade in Scotland by a small team of our independent makers. 

We'lll tell our mailing list first about our pre-order release dates, so please do enter your email below to stay up to date. 

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