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As a startup we are committed to being transparent and honest about how we make our products and what we make our products with. 

Below you will find absolutely everything that is used and needed to make our products. Our 'not so secret ingredients' include information about what our stuff is made from, where it is made, where it has come from and wherever we are able to say, who made it. We'll even tell you how many miles the ingredients have travelled and their carbon footprint.


We aren't perfect at the moment, but we have a goal to get there. To do this we will use Cradle to Cradle certification as a guiding star as well as aspirations to becoming a certified B-Corp. 


Our (not so secret) ingredients

Hemp Fabric

The hemp fabric we use is sourced from a supplier in Bristol which is brought into the UK from China or EU? We chose this option because they offer a lot of what we are looking for from our hemp fabric as you will see when you read more. Ultimately we want to be weaving our own hemp fabric right here in Scotland, but until we do, sacrifices have to be made. Other suppliers we looked at are based in England and in India. The other English based suplier was not able to provide us with the level of detail about the hemp fabric as the Bristol based supplier. And whilst the Indian supplier is a social enterprise and ticks many of the boxes for what we need, we felt that the option we have gone for offers more transparency. It is a mid hemp canvas and is 100% Organic. Supplier information on hemp fabric It is a natural product which means it has been made using as many naturally occurring components and the very minimum (less than 5%) of synthetic components (normally metal buttons or reactive dye). The fabric is vegan friendly - at no time during the growth, production or manufacture of this item were animal products used. The fabric is 'Oxygen bleached' which sounds bad but actually is a very benign alternative to the normal and excessively polluting industrial bleaches. Oxygen bleach gives the whiter shades but without using harmful chemicals in the process. The fabric is 100% pre-shrunk. That means when you wash them at the recommended temperature on the wash label (usually 40 degrees) they will reduce no more than the industry standard of less than 5% shrinkage. GOTS Certified


Organic cotton thread - more detail coming soon


Do you know the story of Velcro? More coming soon.


More detail coming soon.


More detail coming soon.


Our labels are sourced from small batch manufacurer, Contrado. Contrado is based in London and we chose this manfucturer because of their


For the lining we use ends, cut offs and remnants which we currently source from a number of outlets including Contrado.


The cord is organic cotton. More details to follow.


More details to follow.


More details to follow.


The Ungredients...

Ok so we know we said that we all need to look beyond what something isn't, and instead pay attention to what something is. 

We've told you everything our products are made from and now 

No virgin fossil fuels