Image by Danielle MacInnes

As a startup we are committed to being transparent and honest about how we make our products and what we make our products with. 

Below you will find absolutely everything that is used and needed to make our products. Our 'not so secret ingredients' include information about what our stuff is made from, where it is made, where it has come from and wherever we are able to say, who made it. We'll even tell you how many miles the ingredients have travelled and their carbon footprint.


We aren't perfect at the moment, but we have a goal to get there. To do this we will use Cradle to Cradle certification as a guiding star as well as aspirations to becoming a certified B-Corp. 



The Ungredients...

Ok so we know we said that we all need to look beyond what something isn't, and instead pay attention to what something is. 

We've told you everything our products are made from and now 

No virgin fossil fuels