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Undisturbed is an early stage Scottish startup. Our story begins by challenging the bad design and bad material choices of traditional shower curtains and screens. Alongside these products, we are developing a range of products that will make your bathroom cleaner and tidier and will use waste plastic to make something beautiful and functional. 

We are a small team of two people beavering away whilst our Founder also works freelance to pay the bills and our Product Design Manager, Leigh carries our research for her Circular Economy based PhD. She's such a clever clogs (made from sustainably sourced wood). 

We started out on the sustainable path in September 2017 and haven't stopped since. We have been supported by the ECCI, Climate-KIC, Zero Waste Scotland, Strathclyde University, RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator and we were selected to represent Scotland at the Climate Launchpad Grand Finals in November 2018. 

We are continually developing our products, our ideas and our plans and aim to have our first products available in 2020. 



Functional, beautiful and sustainable

We're committed to using natural, sustainable and recycled materials in our first product and all other products we develop.


We design products that will make your bathroom look and feel more relaxing. 

Thoughtful Design

Our take, make, waste society is not working for us or our planet.


We are inspired by nature and we will design for the future with quality, long lasting products. We will set the standard for every product we design and make and always ask ,"what happens next".

We'll take back what you no longer need so we can use resources and materials again. And again. And again. 

Closing the Loop

The bathroom industry is being slow to respond to the Circular Economy.


As we begin our story be reimagining what we shower next to, we have aims to close the loop on waste generated by shower curtains and shower screens.   


We want to utilise 'waste' where we can in our products - reusing, or recycling materials to prevent them from going to landfill. 

Whilst our products will be designed to last,  we will take responsibility for the products we produce and will ensure all our customers agree to support us in this by returning their products to us when they no longer need or want them.

Our supporters (past and present) includes...


We are undisturbed. Escape to the bathroom and take some time out from social media. Experience the joy of missing out...the links don't work ;O)

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