How are we changing showers?

We're developing beautifully designed, sustainable products to make you shower a better space.

Why are we changing showers? 

Because we want to help make the world a better place for all.


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MOULD Whether it's plastic, glass, hemp, linen or any other material, the poor design of every shower curtain and shower screen will result in mould growth.


For a shower curtain, this will usually happen at the bottom of the curtain where the fabric is wet and never has the opportunity to dry properly. For glass shower screens, mould will usually grow along the rubber seal or down the side of the screen where it is attached to the wall.  

BAD MATERIALS Our bathrooms are littered with manmade, synthetic fibres like cheap virgin polyester, nylon,  PEVA or EVA shower curtains. These polymers are made using fossil fuels and their low price makes them a 'throwaway' product, destined to go to landfill.


All of these will go mould eventually as their poor design prevents them from drying properly, providing the perfect breeding ground for mould.

BAD DESIGN Traditional shower curtains and screens are poorly designed. In fact, we'd go as far as saying they're not designed to suit their purpose at all. They leak, mould, always visible, can't be repaired if they break.

WHAT A WASTE In nature there is no such thing as waste. Just beauty and regeneration. We want to emulate nature with aspirations to be a business where everything is a resource.

Tempered glass shower screens are water, energy and carbon intensive to produce. And heavy to transport.


Whilst they might last longer than a shower curtain, when they do break or require replacing (which isn't easy to do), the majority will end up in landfill. As the glass is thicker than normal glass it has to be downgraded to substances like fibreglass, glass halt or for tiles and flooring. 



We're making bathrooms a healthier, more peaceful space to spend quality time. Your bathroom is where you start the day so make it a place that you can escape to and be undisturbed. 


Our bathroom is the one place in our home where we can escape to. We are a startup dedicated to designing products to help create a space that is peaceful and relaxed.

We believe in protecting people and treating people with respect and dignity.

Beautiful Planet

We are on a mission to design and make innovative new products that will be kind to our planet. We want to restore the balance and help to create a better future for all.

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We are undisturbed. Escape to the bathroom and take some time out from social media. Experience the joy of missing out...pssst - the links don't work ;O)

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