designing for a better world

join us in the shower, where we begin our adventure designing and creating an
Undisturbed world. 

designing for a better world

We're bringing about positive change for people and planet by designing beautiful sustainable homewares that last. We started in the bathroom, because those five (or ten) minutes spent in the shower are, or could be, the most undisturbed of your day.

inspiring more conscious living 

We're currently product testing our most beautifully designed modular hemp shower curtain.

The design is based on the Golden Ratio which can be seen everywhere in nature.

We're designing a 2 in 1 product for storing your naked or solid bars and other sustainable shower things. And it will prevent water escaping over your lovely floor.

We're rethinking how we shower with sustainable, mould free, easy to install shower products that you will love to own and care for.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that’s very important

for good health.”

Dalai Lama

supporting a healthier planet 

We are conscious about conserving and helping replenish the earth and all living things.


We design and manufacture thoughtfully and always with consideration for ‘what happens next’.


We're not perfect, however circularity is our guiding star. We consider our impact from design to production, the materials we use, transparent supply chains, through to next use.