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we're taking some
much-needed time out
for ourselves. 

stay and have a look around and be sure to reach out to us if what we're doing resonates with you.

what we stand for (in and out of the shower)

undisturbed is a female-led startup with a dream to create an undisturbed world for all, that's why we're designing for a better world.

we are thoughtful designers who make good products, using good materials for showers that will benefit People, Planet and Paws - the three elements of an undisturbed world. click on the link below to find out more, we'd love you to be part of our dream.

what we do

we're, Jaxx and Leigh, and we're a female-led startup based in Scotland. we're thoughtfully designing and making beautiful, and functional planet-loving, people-centred products for your shower that challenge current wasteful, badly made and badly designed shower products - like shower curtains, screens and shower storage.

our Kickstarter has launched!

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what we will do with our profits 

we have a big dream to help make the world a better place and we will use our profits to do good things. 

people, planet, and paws are the three elements of an Undisturbed world that we believe combine to create a balanced, harmonious place to live.

for people we want showers for every body and are advocates of positive mental health through self-love. For the planet, we will give to charities who seek to achieve a waste-free, beautiful world. And for Paws we will support biodiversity and love for all living things.

inspiring conscious living in the shower 

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We love naked bars, but we weren't keen on them lying in our shower. So we made the Poca pouch to store them in. 

We've made a small batch and you can pick one up on the Unshop now.

We made our small batch Poca pouches using 'waste' hemp fabric that we used for test printing our beautiful designs. 

We want a world where there is no such thing as 'waste'. Pick up your Poca from the Unshop.

We're rethinking how we shower with sustainable, mould free, easy to install shower products that you will love to own and care for.

We have three new products in development. 

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that’s very important

for good health.”

Dalai Lama

supporting a healthier planet 


We are conscious about conserving and helping replenish the earth and all living things.


We design and manufacture thoughtfully and always with consideration for ‘what happens next’.


We're not perfect, however circularity is our guiding star. We consider our impact from design to production, the materials we use, transparent supply chains, through to next use.